Hôtel de Gallifet, Centre d'Art, Aix en Provence

For our summer 2021 show, Gallifet has chosen to shine a light on the unique relationship between a curator and their artists. Francisca Viudes, founder of The (He)art for (He)art Program, has created an immersive residency in her Nice art centre where she invites artists to spend time throughout the year. Together, we are delighted to present the group show, (He)art Stories, which will run all sumer at Gallifet until September 30th, 2021.

These Stories are tales of humanity, of travel, of human relationships and of otherness told through the works of ten artists from around the globe. Some stories are written in ink, others are woven with needle and thread, with pigment on water, with vestiges from a previous tale made new for another story. Created in residency or for the exhibitions produced by The (He)art for (He)art Program, these works speak of the unique relationship of discovery and trust between Curator and Artist. 


Artists: Hilal Sami Hilal, Hilario Isola, Wolfe von Lenkiewicz, Reynier Leyva Nova, Shiva Lynn Burgos, Dimitri Mallet, Lucy + Jorge Orta, Petroc Sesti, Douglas White 

Founded in 2018 by Francisca Viudes, a modern and contemporary art advisor for private collectors & institutions, The (He)art for (He)art Program is a non-profit organisation conceived as an intimate encounter with art.



June 5, 2021